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What is the photoelectric effect?

If high-frequency UV light radiation is shone onto the surface of a metal, it will instantly eject electrons (see Figure 1). For most metals, the necessary frequency falls in the ultraviolet range. Because of the way atoms are bonded together in metals, metals contain free electrons that are able to move about the metal. The […]

Applications of different electromagnetic waves

In this post, we will list down different important applications of electromagnetic waves (or applications of different regions of the electromagnetic spectrum). Applications of Gamma rays treatment of cancer radioactive tracers Applications of X-rays radiographs (internal images of objects/people) radiotherapy Applications of Ultraviolet fluorescence (for example, security markings) treatment of skin conditions sterilisation of medical […]

Nature of electromagnetic radiation & The Electromagnetic Spectrum

In this post, we will discuss the nature of electromagnetic radiation (transverse wave type, electric field, magnetic field, frequency, wavelength, propagation, intensity, etc.). And, we will also cover the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Light waves and all electromagnetic waves are transverse waves. A wave on a rope is a transverse wave that causes the rope to move […]

Microwave ovens working principle & physics behind its operation

In this post, we will briefly discuss the science behind the operating principle of the microwave oven. This marvelous invention somehow heats only the soft parts of the food and leaves the inorganic and hard materials, like ceramic and the surfaces of bone, at approximately the same temperature. A neat trick, indeed, but how is […]

Electromagnetic Waves

This post covers the fundamentals of Electromagnetic Waves in a question-answer (FAQ) session. What Are Electromagnetic Waves? Electromagnetic waves are waves that consist of vibrating electric and magnetic fields. Like other waves, electromagnetic waves transfer energy from one place to another. The transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves is called electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic waves can […]

[pdf notes] Electromagnetic Radiation Grade 12 Notes download | class 12 physics notes on Electromagnetic Radiation

This Electromagnetic Radiation Notes [PDF download] is primarily for the 12th grade physics syllabus of different international boards. This also covers the higher secondary physics syllabus on Electromagnetic Radiation for boards like ICSE, CBSE, etc. This physics class note covers the theoretical as well as the numerical part of this important chapter. We hope, the […]

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