High School Physics


Number systems

Numbers can be grouped into different sets.Many standard sets of numbers can be indicated using specialized set notations such as N, Z, Q, and R. Natural numbers are Positive integers, including 0. These are numbers used to count things. Integer numbers are whole numbers, including both positive and negative values. Rational numbers are any number […]

Database design and normalization techniques in DBMS

The rules around making sure that a database design is efficient are referred to as normalization. In this post, we study Database design and normalization techniques in DBMS. Database design and normalization techniques in DBMS Normalization ensures that there is less redundancy and less inconsistency in the data. A poorly designed database might result in […]

Concurrent Access in DBMS – problem and solution

In a client-server database system, it is possible for two clients to attempt to access, or alter, the data in a database at the same time. This is referred to as concurrent access in DBMS (DataBase Management System). Let’s see how concurrent access can be a potential problem and what are the methods to preserve […]

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