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This High School Physics BLOG is founded with a few aims like providing (1) content for online physics learning, (2) online physics free reading material (3) online physics High School Course notes (4) online physics lab course material (5) Online physics help in different formats (6) publishing online physics calculator & (7) online physics simulator, etc. to assist students in mastering the basics or the fundamentals by publishing quality content.

And we have come across a few miles, and we have many miles to go.

Students of different boards like ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, GCSE, State Boards, etc. are our readers. Persons who are preparing for AP physics & other competitive examinations like UPSC, IIT JEE, NEET are also our regular readers.

Online Physics Tutorials | Class Notes | Current Posts on high school physics

How to Derive the relationship between Current and drift velocity
Here we will derive the equation showing the relationship between current and drift velocity. The ...
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Numerical problem sets on Vector Physics
This post presents Numerical problems on Vector Physics. This worksheet will help students who are ...
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Numerical Problems on Equilibrium | Physics Worksheet
This post presents Numerical problems on Equilibrium. This physics worksheet will help students who are ...
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Numerical Problems on Collisions (Elastic & inelastic collision) physics
Here is a numerical worksheet based on the Collision topic in physics that includes problems ...
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Numerical Problems on Rolling motion, Torque, and Angular Momentum
Here we have listed down selected numerical problems based on Rolling motion, Torque, and Angular ...
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The resistivity of different materials – show in a table
The objective of this post is to present the resistivity of different materials in a ...
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What is a wave and how it helps in energy transfer? Explain with graphs
What is a wave? A wave is a means to transfer energy from one place ...
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Draw the Displacement-time graph of a ball thrown vertically upwards
The displacement-time graph for the motion of a ball thrown vertically upwards in the air ...
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How does a mirage form?
One of the most interesting effects of atmospheric refraction occurs in the mirage, which is ...
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Acceleration due to gravity of a body is independent of its mass-How to Show mathematically?
Acceleration due to gravity of a body is independent of its mass - let's show ...
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How uniform acceleration is different from nonuniform acceleration?
Let's see how uniform acceleration is different from non-uniform acceleration. Acceleration is defined as the ...
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Numerical problems on Gravitation & Gravitational force for IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE
Here we will solve a bunch of numerical problems from the Gravitation chapter of high ...
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How does Atmospheric Pressure vary with Altitude? show with a graph
As we go to higher altitudes such as top mountains the atmospheric pressure is found ...
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How to explain the anomalous expansion of water in simple words?
In the case of fluids, with the rise of temperature, the volume increases. Therefore, the ...
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How to Calculate the Mechanical Advantage of Wheel and Axle?
In this post, we will calculate the mechanical advantage of Wheel and Axle. Now, what ...
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Numerical problem on Terminal Velocity with solution
In this post we will solve Numerical problems on Terminal Velocity. Here is the first ...
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How to derive Terminal Velocity equation using Stokes’ law (step by step)
Here we will work on the derivation of the Terminal Velocity equation or formula using ...
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What is Stokes’ Law and its Formula for viscous drag?
Stokes' Law and its formula: Eminent physicist Sir Stokes investigated fluid dynamics and came up ...
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The posts published here have been successful so far to clarify confusion in young minds. PhysicsTeacher.in has been selected as one of the Top 50 Physics BLOG by the panelist of feedspot.com. This makes us a member of the Top 50 Physics BLOGs.

This blog is crafted to help the readers to build a foundation for different examinations like JEE, NEET, SAT, and AP Physics. It also focuses minutely on Class 8 to 10, and class 11 and class 12 Syllabus for different boards like ICSE, CBSE, ISC, GCSE, IGCSE State, etc, specifically for Physics.

This may be equally efficient for the global K12 Physics syllabusThis BLOG is to some extent like an online physics tutor providing online physics coaching and physics notes, through regular blog posts on various topics, helping students in mastering physics fundamentals.

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It’s all hard work to create a rewarding blog, but possibly it’s one of the best ways to contribute and share.

High School Physics blog for icse, cbse, igcse, gcse, AP-Physics, state boards.

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