High School Physics

Magnetization and Demagnetization – different ways

In the following paragraphs, different ways of Magnetization and Demagnetization are listed.

  • A ferromagnetic material can be magnetized by placing it inside a solenoid and gradually increasing the direct current (d.c.).
  • This increases the magnetic field strength in the solenoid (the density of the field lines increases), and the material becomes magnetized.
  • Reversing the direction of current flow reverses the direction of the magnetic field and reverses the polarity of the magnetization.
  • Hammering a magnetic material in a magnetic field causes magnetization
  • ‘Stroking’ a magnetic material several times in the same direction with one pole of a magnet will also cause it to become magnetized.
  • A magnet can be demagnetized by placing it inside a solenoid through which an alternating current (a.c.) is passed and gradually reduced.
  • Dropping or heating a magnet also causes demagnetization.
  • In the absence of a magnetic field, Hammering a magnetic material causes demagnetization.

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