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Java Program – overriding a method inherited from Object class

Here is a Java program that helps you to understand how to override a method. In this program, a class overrides the “equals” method inherited from the Object class in Java.

Java program to Override a method inherited from Object class in Java

class Room
{int l,b,h;
Room(int l,int b,int h)

void show()
{System.out.println(“DATA:”+l+” “+b+” “+h);

/* overriding equals method inherited from Object class,
Note: class instance is used as method parameter */
boolean equals(Room r)
if(r.l==l && r.b==b && r.h==h) return true;
else return false;

class EqualityTest
public static void main(String args[])
Room r1=new Room(10,12,14);
Room r2=new Room(10,12,14);
Room r11=r1;


System.out.println(“r1==r2 check returns::::”+(r1==r2));

System.out.println(“r1.equals(r11))returns::::”+ (r1.equals(r11)));

System.out.println(“r1==r11 check returns::::”+(r1==r11));



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