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Microprocessor Fundamentals

Last updated on June 3rd, 2022 at 04:19 pm

In this post, we are presenting a bunch of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) based on the Microprocessor Fundamentals. These FAQs on microprocessors are important for students of electronics engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, and other related engineering fields.

Currently, this question-answer set has nearly 50 Questions, hence we are distributing these among a few pages for better readability. You will get the links to all these pages at the bottom of each page of this Microprocessor FAQ series.

Microprocessor fundamentals – FAQ & Answer

Why is the knowledge of 8085 microprocessor architecture useful for students?

8085 is a time-tested 8-bit microprocessor and very much in use even today. Hence amongst the microprocessors available, 8085 has been taken up for discussion.

Smaller bit microprocessors have not much relevance and larger bit microprocessors are merely an extension of this basic microprocessor.

Thus, a thorough understanding of 8085 microprocessor architecture is central and is a gateway to the more powerful range of microprocessors in use today.

Which model is the basic architecture of a digital computer based on?

The basic architecture of a digital computer is based on the Von Neumann model.

What is meant by distributed processing?

Distributed processing involves the use of several microprocessors in a single computer system. For example, for such a system, the first microprocessor may control keyboard activities, the second microprocessor controls storage devices like disk drives, the third one controls input/output operations, while the fourth one may act as the main system processor.

When was the first microprocessor developed?

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The first microprocessor was developed by BUSICOM of Japan and INTEL of the USA in the year 1971.

What is a microprocessor?

A microprocessor may be thought of as a silicon chip around which a microcomputer is built.

What is the technology used in microprocessors?

NMOS technology is used in microprocessors.

What are the three main units of a digital computer?

The three main units of a digital computer are the central processing unit (CPU), the memory unit, and the input/output devices.

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