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Physics Fundamentals BLOG for K12

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Physics BLOG for K12, High School-discussions and problem solving

Physics Fundamentals

This Physics BLOG is founded with the aim to assist students in mastering the basics or the fundamentals by publishing quality contents.The posts published here have been successful so far to clarify many confusions in young minds.

Now Mastering in fundamentals is getting easier for the regular readers of this BLOG.Read the posts regularly, solve the problems and share about this BLOG. 

critical velocity in circular motion in vertical plane

Critical Velocity & Circular motion in Vertical plane With Centripetal Force

Critical Velocity & Circular motion in Vertical plane We have earlier discussed on circular motion in horizontal plane and in that context discussed in length about Centripetal force and Centrifugal force.Today we will take a ...
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free fall-drag force-air drag-terminal velocity1

Free Fall versus Drag force-What you must know about Terminal Velocity

Free Fall In one of earlier posts we have discussed about the free fall equations. Here we will recapitulate a few important pointers on free fall and then discuss on Drag force. What is a ...
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centripetal force between earth and satellite

Centripetal Force – Facts you must know if you are a PHYSICS student !

Centripetal force and a few must-know facts Centripetal force and its concepts have always been in the favorites list of the students. Still we find many misconceptions and assumptions in their mind, around the fundamental ...
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physics problems and questions - solution

2 Challenging Sets of Physics problems and Questions to test your preparation

Physics Problems and Question Sets (2 sets) In today's post we are publishing 2 sets of Physics Problems and Question papers for high school students and adult physics lovers. The numerical problems will test the ...
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5 Elevator Case Studies for you to solve Elevator problems in Physics

5 Case Studies for Elevator Problems in Physics From Newton's Second Law we can derive the equation of Force. If F is the net force applied on an object of mass m and the mass ...
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