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Physics BLOG for K12, High School-discussions and problem solving

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This Physics BLOG is founded with the aim to assist students in mastering the basics or the fundamentals by publishing quality contents.The posts published here have been successful so far to clarify many confusions in young minds.
Now Mastering in fundamentals is getting easier for the regular readers of this BLOG.Read the posts regularly, solve the problems and share about this BLOG.And a GOOD NEWS for the well wishers!  we are in Top 50 Physics BLOG !!! PhysicsTeacher has been selected as one of the Top 50 Physics BLOG by the panelist of feedspot.com. Thanks for your support.

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angular momentum

Angular Momentum & Moment of Inertia for Rotational Motion

Angular Momentum In our last post we have discussed on Linear momentum. Just to brush up, when an object of mass m moves with a speed v in a straight line, we say that it has a linear momentum, p=mv. When the same object moves with an angular speed ω along the circumference of a circle of radius r, then ...
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Momentum and Impulse: Getting the Impulse Momentum Theorem

Momentum While playing some sort of body-contact game, if we are pushed by a heavy but slow moving person, we begin to move. Similarly if a lighter person comes with higher velocity and pushes us we may face the same net effect and again begin to move. In physics, these effects can be well explained by a quantity called linear ...
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first law of thermodynamics-heat transfer

First Law of Thermodynamics – so easy to understand?

First Law of Thermodynamics - introduction In one of our previous post we covered the Zeroth law of thermodynamics. Here in this post we will cover the first law of thermodynamics. It basically discusses on the effects of heat transfer in terms of internal energy and work done. As this law is based on the concept of internal energy, we ...
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physics problems sets

Physics problems – Solutions of selected numericals(set 1)

Physics Problem set with Solution Some of the posts in this blog include sample physics problem sets along with the post content. Readers can always try those. We have decided to publish the solutions of selected problems from different sets/posts, as we have done in this post. Physics Problem Q set source: If you want to go through the relevant ...
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