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Physics BLOG for K12, High School-discussions and problem solving

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This Physics BLOG is founded with the aim to assist students in mastering the basics or the fundamentals by publishing quality contents.The posts published here have been successful so far to clarify many confusions in young minds.

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Torque in physics – definition & formula derivation

Torque in physics - definition Definition of Torque: Torque in physics is also known as the Moment of force. In other words, It is the Rotational analogue of force. As force causes translational motion, the Torque is the cause of rotational motion. If the net torque is zero then a body will not change its rotational state of motion. So first, we ...
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Equilibrium of a rigid body-conditions and physics

Equilibrium of a Rigid body A rigid body is said to be in mechanical equilibrium, if both its linear momentum and angular momentum are not changing with time. In other words, the body is in mechanical equilibrium when it has neither linear acceleration nor angular acceleration.This means the conditions for equilibrium can be expressed as the following: conditions for equilibrium ...
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strain energy

Poisson’s ratio, Strain energy & Thermal Stress – expressions

Poisson's ratio, Strain energy, Thermal Stress This post is the 3rd post of the Elasticity series. Already in our last 2 posts we have discussed the meaning of Elasticity and related concepts like Stress, Strain, Hooke's Law and modulus of elasticity.Today we will briefly discuss couple of very important terms and concepts of the same stream. Those are Poisson's ratio, ...
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Hooke's Law

Hooke’s Law – stress and strain – Modulus of Elasticity

Hooke's Law - Modulus of Elasticity - stress and strain In our last post we have discussed on Elasticity and Plasticity. Here we will continue with that discussion and gradually cover the Hooke's Law and Modulus of Elasticity. On the way we will learn two more terms: stress and strain. Finally we will cover (a) Young’s Modulus (2) Shear Modulus (3) Bulk modulus. So ...
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