Fishing rod as a lever

Let’s see how Fishing rod acts as a specific class of lever, and why it is used. When we use a fishing rod to cast a line, the rod works as a class 3 lever. Fulcrum and load are at 2 opposite ends of the fishing rod. Effort (force) is applied in between fulcrum and […]

Crowbar as a lever

Crowbar – One of the simplest kinds of lever is the crowbar, which is a class 1 lever. We use a crowbar to lift very heavy objects off the ground. The fulcrum of the crowbar is in between the effort and the load. The distance between fulcrum and effort(force applied) is called the effort arm, […]

Mechanical Advantage of a Lever with Formula

The mechanical advantage of a lever is the ratio of the load the lever overcomes and the effort a person or system applies to the lever to overcome some load or resistance. In simple words and as per the formula, it’s the ratio of load and effort. The formula of the mechanical advantage(MA) of a lever […]

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