Latches and flip-flops & their difference

This post covers Latches and Flip-flops with a set of questions and answers. The topics discussed will help to understand the concepts related to latches and flip-flops, and the difference between latches and flip-flops. Flip-flop – definition Flip-flops are synchronous bi-stable devices, also known as bi-stable multivibrators. In this case, the term synchronous means that […]

Flip-flop Types, Logic symbols, Truth Table & Applications – study notes

The basic building block for sequential logic circuits is the flip-flop. Logic circuits are classified into two groups. One is combination logic circuits using AND, OR, and NOT gates. The other group of circuits is classified as sequential logic circuits. Sequential circuits involve timing and memory devices. The basic building block for sequential logic circuits […]

Flip-Flop Sequential Circuit

This post covers Flip-Flop Sequential Circuit in detail with the help of a set of questions on the fundamentals of Flip-flop. Also, find answers to these. We hope, the Students who are interested to learn digital electronics and preparing for exams like GATE will find this post useful. Flip-Flop Sequential Circuit Here is a set […]

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