Molar form of Enthalpy equation – how to derive?

The Enthalpy equation is represented as ΔH = ΔU + pΔV …(1) where ΔU is the change in internal energy and ΔV is the change in volume of the system. The difference between ΔH and ΔU is not usually significant for solids and liquids. However, when the systems involve gases, the difference becomes significant. Here, […]

Enthalpy – chemistry revision notes for class 11

Enthalpy of a system may be defined as the sum of the internal energy(U) and the product of its pressure(p) and volume(v). It is denoted by the symbol H and is given by: H = U + pV Getting the Heat Transfer equation (derivation) Change in the internal energy of a system is:ΔU= q + […]

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