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8085 QA

Special-purpose registers in 8085 microprocessor

In this post, we will study the Special-purpose registers in the 8085 microprocessor with the help of a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions. Describe the special-purpose registers in 8085 Special-purpose Registers are dedicated to a specific function. The accumulator, flag register, program counter (PC), and stack pointer (SP) constitute the special purpose registers in the […]

MCQ on 8085 Microprocessor Architecture – with solution

In this post, you will get 15 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on 8085 Microprocessor Architecture. And you get the solution as well. For better readability, these questions are distributed among 3 pages. Links to other pages in these series are available at the bottom of the pages. Also read this Related Post on microprocessor MCQ: […]

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