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8085 microprocessor architecture

Pin functions of 8085 microprocessor

In this post, we will study the Pin functions of the 8085 microprocessor. In this study, different signals in 8085 & their significance will be discussed as well. Timing and control circuitry of 8085 microprocessor The timing and control unit section is a part of the CPU and generates timing and control signals for the […]

Special-purpose registers in 8085 microprocessor

In this post, we will study the Special-purpose registers in the 8085 microprocessor with the help of a bunch of Frequently Asked Questions. Describe the special-purpose registers in 8085 Special-purpose Registers are dedicated to a specific function. The accumulator, flag register, program counter (PC), and stack pointer (SP) constitute the special purpose registers in the […]

General purpose registers of 8085 microprocessor

This post covers a set of FAQs on general-purpose registers of 8085 microprocessor. Describe the general-purpose registers of 8085 microprocessor We know that the registers are all storage areas inside the microprocessor and are used for different purposes. General-purpose Registers are used to store only the data that is being used by the program under […]

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