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Welcome to PhysicsTeacher, a tutorial oriented Physics blog for high school students who love to learn the basics of Physics. The posts are designed to help the high school students to prepare for different examinations and tests. Students looking for materials on IIT foundation or  jee/NEET foundation may be benefited by the posts and materials. Pay regular visits to the pages and let us know if you have any suggestion. Share about this blog and the URLs of this site and our posts with your friends.

Physics Blog
Physics Blog

Some Important Posts from this Physics Blog

Centripetal Force – amazing facts

Critical Velocity in Circular Motion and centripetal force

Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics and Thermal Equilibrium

Free fall versus Fall against Drag, Terminal Velocity

Elevator Problems in physics – 5 case studies

how friction helps in walking

refraction of light and optical density

mol/mole versus molecule, avogadro, molar mass

physics-numerical problems and question sets

A stone falls towards the earth but the earth doesn’t

Newton and the universal law of gravitation

Density and relative density

Speed versus velocity

Throwing a ball vertically upwards

Are your mass and weight same

Newton’s first law of motion doesn’t hold good for all frames of reference

pushing a car, Newton’s 3rd law and friction

free fall, acceleration due to gravity and kinetic energy

work done by a force

force basic concepts

mechanical advantage lever

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This a Physics BLOG with refreshing articles and tutorials on Physics Fundamentals. The content is detailed and supported by diagrams wherever necessary and very engaging as well. This is very useful for high school students to make the fundamentals stronger. Very good for K12, high school students as well as for all physics lovers of all age. Wish you a very happy reading,

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