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This science and technology blog primarily covers High School Physics for K12, ICSE, CBSE, ISC, IGCSE, GCSE, AP, etc. for free Online Physics Learning & Reading. Along with High school physics, we also cover a few more important subjects for high school and Engineering (tech) students.

Our posts include the following broad categories
High School Science:
Online Physics Tutorials | Class Notes | numerical problems & worksheets | Physics Blog Posts | Chemistry tutorials | Biology Tutorials, Question/Answer
Engineering & Tech:
Process Control & Instrumentation | Electronics – analog, digital, microprocessor for engineering | Microprocessor tutorials (8085) for engineering | Programming – Java

Physics Notes Categories (chapter-wise) for High School Students

The links below take you to chapter-wise physics notes & topics pages. These hubs or pages contain links to numerous related posts and class notes for your reference.

Vector PhysicsEnergyPlanetary Motion & Gravitation
Rotational MotionUnits & MeasurementsElasticity
FluidsPeriodic MotionThermal Physics
Physical OpticsLight / Geometric OpticsElectrostatics
Current ElectricityDC CircuitsMagnet
NumericalsQ&APhysics Glossary
Physics LabLeaving Cert & Other exams PDF Notes (Physics)
Physics Chapter-wise Links (click the links to get the list of posts on specific chapters)

We also cover the following:

Chemistry – All new posts covering the high school chemistry syllabus

Digital Electronics (for Electronics Engineering students)

Java Programming (sample programs in Java)

Microprocessor, microcontroller, and related topics


Special Study Guides & Syllabus – selected for this week

Here is a list of selected notes.

Full adder using two 4:1 multiplexer

DMA – Direct Memory Access [microprocessor]

How to study Physics (class 11) – study guide

How to Solve Problems in Physics

Physics Numericals – huge collection of solution

MCQ | Worksheets (Physics etc) – class 11 & 12

Full adder using Mux

Vectors class 11 Physics revision notes

Gravitation – Class 11 Physics Revision Notes

Fluid Dynamics Class Notes for class 11 (includes viscosity) 

Surface Tension for class 11

Electrostatics Notes – for class 12 (huge collection)

Magnetism | Electromagnetism – class 12 notes

CBSE Class 11 Physics (Theory) – syllabus for 2021-22

Force and Laws of Motion class 9 Numericals

This High School Physics BLOG is founded by Anupam M with a few objectives providing (1) content for online physics learning, (2) online physics free reading material (3) online physics High School Course notes (4) online physics lab course material (5) Online physics help in different formats (6) publishing online physics calculator & (7) online physics simulator, etc. to assist students in mastering the basics or the fundamentals by publishing quality content.

And we have come across a few miles, and we have many miles to go.

Students of different boards like ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, GCSE, State Boards, etc. are our readers. Persons who are preparing for AP physics & other competitive examinations like UPSC, IIT JEE, and NEET are also our regular readers. The posts published here have been successful so far to clarify confusion in young minds.

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