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difference between mole and molecule

mol or mole vs molecule – difference between mole and molecule

mole vs molecule – Difference between mole and molecule Keywords covered in this post are are mole or mol, molecule, gram mole, g mol, gram mol, molar mass . While studying the chapter on gas laws you must have come across the term ‘mole’ or ‘mol‘. You may have seen gram-mol as well in that chapter. I find

ball being thrown

What will happen to a ball thrown vertically upwards?

Motion of a ball thrown vertically upwards You must have seen someone throwing a ball vertically upwards or probably you have thrown it yourself. Yes, the ball goes up for a while and then stops and starts to come down and touches the ground with a bang if you can’t catch it. Let’s discuss the phases


Free fall, Acceleration due to Gravity and Kinetic Energy

Weight of any object is a force applied on the object by earth’s gravitational pull towards the center of the earth. We know the equation of a force = mass * acceleration. i.e.      F=m*a…….(1) When we talk of weight force then the equation becomes like this: Weight(W)= mass * acceleration due to gravity