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falling stone gravitation

A stone falls towards the earth but the opposite is not observed-why?

A stone falls towards the earth – why? A stone falls back on the ground. But the earth doesn’t seem to move towards it. Why? As said by this law of universal gravitation every object in this universe is attracting every other object towards it. This force of gravitational attraction between any two objects in

ball being thrown

What will happen to a ball thrown vertically upwards?

Motion of a ball thrown vertically upwards You must have seen someone throwing a ball vertically upwards or probably you have thrown it yourself. Yes, the ball goes up for a while and then stops and starts to come down and touches the ground with a bang if you can’t catch it. Let’s discuss the phases

friction pushing a car physicsteacher.in

Pushing a car, Newton’s 3rd Law and Friction

Pushing a car and Newton’s third law Hope you have seen people pushing their car when it’s not starting due to some issue. When someone is pushing a car or something like that, he first pushes the ground or floor backwards with his feet. Following the ‘3rd law of Newton‘ the ground also exerts an equal

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