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centripetal force

orbital velocity satellite

Orbital Velocity of Satellite-derivation of 3 expressions

Orbital Velocity of Satellite Definition of Orbital velocity: Orbital Velocity of a satellite is the minimum velocity it has to maintain to continue its circular motion in its orbit. We know for a circular motion to continue, a force called centripetal force is required to work upon the object in circular motion. And this force

critical velocity in circular motion in vertical plane

Critical Velocity & Circular motion in Vertical plane With Centripetal Force

Critical Velocity & Circular motion in Vertical plane We have earlier discussed on circular motion in horizontal plane and in that context discussed in length about Centripetal force and Centrifugal force.Today we will take a few related items to discuss, which will not only strengthen your understanding on these topics but also take it to

centripetal force between earth and satellite

Centripetal Force Facts you must know if you are a PHYSICS student !

Centripetal force and a few must-know facts Centripetal force facts and its concepts have always been in the favorites list of the students. Still we find many misconceptions and assumptions in their mind, around the fundamental concepts of this force.This post is on facts about Centripetal force. We will start with centripetal force definition and finally cover