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acceleration due to gravity -mountain

Acceleration due to gravity – how it changes with height and depth

Gravitational Attraction of the earth and Acceleration due to gravity In this post we will work on the expression of Acceleration due to gravity on the earth’s surface. We will take help of Newton’s Law of Gravitation as well as Newton’s second Law of Motion. We will also explore how height or depth from the

How Speed is different from Velocity

Hello everybody ! Welcome to another session of PhysicsTeacher.in, an online free physics coaching blog. Speed and Velocity are two frequently used derived quantities in Physics. Length, Mass and Time – Each of these 3 physical quantities doesn’t depend on any other quantity for its measurement. So these 3 are called Fundamental quantities. Other quantities

Newton’s First Law of Motion doesn’t hold good for all frames of reference

Newton’s first law says that if the sum of all the forces acting on a particle is zero then the particle remains at rest or moves with constant velocity i.e. acceleration of that particle is zero. Have you observed hanging hand grips inside a bus or train compartment? Its weight is acting vertically downwards and

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