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difference between mole and molecule

Difference between mole and molecule-mol or mole vs molecule

Difference between mole and molecule – mole vs molecule Keywords covered in this post are are mole or mol, molecule, gram mole, g mol, gram mol, molar mass and mole vs molecule . While studying the chapter on gas laws you must have come across the term ‘mole’ or ‘mol‘. You may have seen gram-mol as well in

relative density

How does Density differ from Relative Density?

  Difference between Density and Relative Density Density Density is the mass per unit volume. So if we divide the mass of a substance with its volume then we get the density of that substance. Here we get another definition of mass. Mass=volume X density. Unit of density in SI is Kg/meter3. So if we say density

maas vs weight from www.physicsteacher.in

Mass and Weight- are they same or different?

Mass and Weight What are Mass and Weight ? Are they same? To answer these questions we will first discuss on the concepts of mass and weight. As you get the basics of these 2 physical quantities, certainly you will be able to tell if these are same or not. And if they are different